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 Post subject: Star Trek STGOD
PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 3:18 pm 

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Alright, I'm kicking this off, for better or for worse.
- Ra
*The Daznora System*

A bleak system on the fringe of Romulan space, the Daznora System nonetheless posessed a resource-rich world, and several major mining sites. It was not a place where the priviledged ever went, or cared to go.

The chief city of Daznora V, Sdella, was dusty and run-down. The streets were lined with cheap bars and other unsavory establishments, while much of the population was starved and sick. Such was the plight of a typical Romulan mining colony.

Atop a hill was one small, clean structure with a large bird-statue atop its roof. That building was the Colonial Building, where Governor Javren ran the pitiful colony. He was finely dressed, and had a worried expression on his face. He'd just met with an agent of the Tal Shiar, and that meeting had not been pleasant.

"As if I don't have enough problems," Javren complained. "The Tal Shiar wants more Verium ore. They don't seem to realize that we haven't found any new deposits in a month."

"And the deposit to the north is almost depleted. What do they need that for?" his aide asked.

"Precisely my question. The agent responded by kicking me in the stomach. Whatever they need it for, they aren't going to tell me. Ah, I'll figure it out later. For now, I'm hungry. I'll call for you in a few hours."

Javren entered his lavish dinning room, and awaited his meal to be delivered. In the meantime, he poured a glass of Romulan ale, and took a seat. Kicking back, he took in the glass in one large gulp. As he did, Javren caught a slight movement in the corner of his eye. Before he could see what it was, a high-pitched whine screached in his ears.

The Colonial Building exploded in a luminous fireball, lighting up the evening sky...

The next day, a small Romulan shuttle descended toward the smoking ruin of the structure, and landed on an open square. Several policemen walked up to greet the figure who exited.

An attractive, stern-faced young female Romulan Army officer exited the craft, escorted by two soldiers.

"Colonel, I'm Inspector Gavok. If you'd follow me."

"What have you found out sofar?" Colonel Veraas inquired sharply.

"The bomb was of typical design. It could have been anyone; Orion Syndicate, dissidents... However, security footage did notice something odd. Just before the bomb detonated, a person fled the room Javren was in. They seemed to fade from view after that. I don't know of anyone who could make such an escape. There was no immediate way out of the compound from there."

"Then the assassin was skilled, and knew the building's layout. I am neither surprised, nor impressed. However, considering how Javren had just attended a classified meeting, whoever did this would have known something about that meeting. That alone is a danger to the Rihannsu people."

"We suspect the assassin may have indeed been an insider or even a spy."

"Inspector!" a policeman called.

Veraas and Gavok walked up to the officer, who was crouched over a marked piece of evidence. In his hand was a phial, with an orange liquid inside.

Veraas looked at the phial. Her expression went sour.

"Get me Admiral M'ken. Immediately."

Jonathan McKenzie
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"Every time you stay abstinent...Kitten kills a god."

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