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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 10:55 am 
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"Hold on," Darth Kreshna replies. He still wears the flight suit and holding the helmet on his right hand, "yes, I did destroy many of their Nexus, but don't expect me to repeat it." Now every heads in the room turn. The Sith Inquisitor hurriedly explain, "to be frank, I didn't know what made me do it; let alone what actually guided me to do so. I didn't even know they're called 'Nexus' until the designation became common during the war. I don't know how exactly to say it, but I was just being compelled to destroy certain planets, and BDZ some others. What is the purpose of the 'Nexus' -if any, let alone the locations of other, undiscovered ones, still totally evades me." He then turns to Galadriel, "as I said, milady, I'm totally blind. I may have the power of the Titan, but so far my actions have been driven by instinct. Some unknown urge I simply could never resist, let alone understand."

Kreshna then speaks to everyone, "now, ladies and gentlemen, pardon my bluntness, and not to belittle our success in saving A'millan Prime, but we can't simply afford another victory like that,"

Before he stirs another controversy, the Sith raises his hand again, "we won the battle, but how long we can hold our own in the whole war? Face it, gentlemen, my ships are the only ones with sufficient firepower and shields to stand against the Guardians. Your ships, on the other hand, while numerous, simply don't have the power."

"And while we can upgrade your fleet," he continues, "remember that ship modification is not as easy as it sounds; how many Turbolasers we can put on a Trollish Battlecruiser before taxing the power generator too much, for instance? And yes, we can always design new ships, but the rate we can churn them out of our factories is a different matter altogether. We are not the Empire. Yes, my ships are basically Imperial ships under different flag, but we don't have the industrial capacity to engage the Guardians on symmetrical warfare. That's why, milady," now he turns to Amiwen, "I am *against* your policy of provoking the Guardians further. As ironic as I say --considering my experience in anti-guerilla warfare-- now I believe we should resort to the very same guerilla tactics as that of the Rebels I've been fighting some years ago."

The Sith now speaks with authoritative tone, "I say let the Guardians duke it out with the Empire. As much as I hate to see her taking the brunt of Guardian assault, I am quite confident that the Empire, although inadvertently, is able to buy us sufficient time to find the weakness of these Guardians and get rid of this thread once and for all. In fact, this 'quest' of ours is the very reason of my secesion movement. Now what do you say, gentlemen?"

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:50 pm 

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"Guerilla Warfare?" Ra laughed. "We're not that desperate, are we?"

The Lord and Lady looked uneasily at each other, but said nothing. The A'millians didn't have the pride of the Goa'uld, but as the rulers of an affluent and civilized power, they also saw the idea of guerilla tactics as unsavory and savage, if not desperate. But they also knew the reality of the war.

"You have an invaluable asset on your side," Princess Leia added. "Us. The Alliance is by its definition, a guerilla force! Fighting against overwhelming odds and overwhelming numbers. This is our best chance for survival, and finding the weakness in the Guardians' defenses you all are so eager to discover. We are also experts at training spies, and battlespace reconnaissance."

"This new strategy is for the best," Galadriel said. "Striking the Guardians at the time of our chosing, and in the most damaging ways possible. I see no wrong in this strategy. But the decision is yours."

Ra sighed. He was not very fond of the idea, himself having been through quite a bit of guerilla warfare and outright running before he found Valinor. "None of us is truly considering this, are they?"

"The only thing setting the Powers back from such a decision is pride. And pride cometh before a fall," answered Galadriel.

Ra grimaced. "Guerilla warfare is not as effective as some of you romanticize it. How many Jaffa rebellions did I crush during my reign over the galaxy? I was able to root most of them out easily, and destroy them utterly. And conversely, when myself and Kar'm went to fight the Free Jaffa Nation, when I was first cloned, we spent most of our time on the run and on the defensive, rather than actually fighting."

"You were also less than a hundred people," Galadriel reminded him. "This is the best chance. But again I say, the decision is yours to make. It is for all of you to make."

"Alright," Ra answered. "If this truly is the best way, then it has my support. But I'm still unsure about the whole thing."

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 8:42 am 
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With the end of the major battle and page 10, I am bringing this chapter to a close.

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