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Joys of updating software

Permanent Link by Dark Silver on Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:17 pm

File Under: Technical Woes

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, I've been working on the updates to, the website your on right now. Let me tell you right now, loads of fun. [/sarcasm]

I've been hasseling and fiddling with the board software for the past couple of days, making sure I get everything just right, making sure none of the new mods are borked - generally doing the things a good Administrator should do. The good news is, I think I finally have everything working. The useful smilies are back (along with the LibArc favorite.... the Sheep Fucker. It didn't feel the same until I got good old :sheepfucker: back up), everything seems to work with all the themes we have running right now....I'm sure that'll break somehow though very shortly - especially when I get around to making the changes needed for the two user selected themes from before the big upgrade.

Overall though...really, it's not all that bad. There's other bits and pieces I've been fiddling with that I really need to get a move on fixing.

Mostly a checklist...

[*]Return of the LAW (LibriumArcana Wiki) to catalogue and archive all the lovely information for the various RPG games we have/have had on the board, along with future projects and world building ideas by the users.

[*]Get around to actually doing something with the root site. I've been saying I would for ages, but I need to put a workable CMS there sometime, and get around to populating it properly.

[*]General other House Keeping for the site and what not.

But yeah, I need to take a step back into the board to, I've been pulled back from messing with it for far to long.
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